Professional Communications at Lehman College, CUNY


The Program for Professional Communications at Lehman College

The Program for Professional Communications (PPC) is an interdisciplinary program housed in the English Department of Lehman College, City University of New York.

PPC offers three unique minors in response to student interest and industry demands. These minors can be combined with any major at Lehman College:

To successfully earn a minor through PPC, students must be enrolled at least part-time and retain good academic standing. 50% of all courses must be unique to the minor, i.e., some overlap is permitted.

PPC minors graduate knowing the importance of communication in any business context and can clearly explain their value within their field of interest. Each of these minors also signal to employers that students possess invaluable skills in verbal and written communication.


BECAP at Lehman College

In response to student and industry demands, Lehman College is proud to offer a new and unique minor that prepares future artists, entrepreneurs , and arts professionals for success in contemporary and emerging markets.

As an interdisciplinary offering, the Minor in Business and Entrepreneurship for Creative Arts Professionals (BECAP) connects students to courses in the School of Business and the School of Arts and Humanities. Graduates gain essential business skills and deepen their communicative ability through a variety of media. Students also complete an industry-specific course to learn of regulations, opportunities, and skills in their discipline, including music, dance, visual art, corporate communication, and entrepreneurship for writers.

BECAP minors graduates are well-positioned to excel as self-employed artists, managers of creative companies, consultants, or founders of their own brand or nonprofit.

Learn more about the BECAP minor here

The earlier iteration of BECAP was called BALA. Read about BALA requirements here.


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